The 2018 Packer Shootout Schedule

Registration opens: Monday, November 5th

We are accepting the first 80 teams — due to gym space — make sure to register soon!

Brackets will be posted by 10 pm: Wednesday, December 26th

Tournament Day begins at 8 am: Saturday, December 29th

**Registration may close early due to demand, so please sign up early.**

2018 Brackets


Results – 2018 Champions – Champions Photos

3rd Grade Boys- Casselton Clutch

3rd Grade Girls- WF Lightning

4th Grade Boys- Casselton Chaos

4th Grade Girls- Hawley Storm

5th Grade Boys- WF Warriors

5th Grade Girls (Green) – Hawley

5th Grade Girls (White) – GF Sizzle

6th Grade Boys- WF Ambush

6th Grade Girls (Green) – WF Bolts

6th Grade Girls (White) – WF Lynx Green

7th Grade Boys – WF Fury

7th Grade Girls – North Tartan

8th Grade Boys- WF ECI

8th Grade Girls- WF Zoom 1

Results 2017 Champions – Champion Photos

3rd Grade Girls- Hawley Nuggets

3rd Grade Boys- Casselton Chaos

4th Grade Girls- WF Panthers

4th Grade Boys- WF Flight

5th Grade Girls- Wahpeton

5th Grade Boys- WF Timberwolves

6th Grade Girls- Rebels

6th Grade Boys- WF Fury

7th Grade Girls- WF Zoom 2

7th Grade Boys- WF Thunder

8th Grade Girls- Team Knuckleheads

8th Grade Boys- Renegades